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Due to the Corona Pandemic, distance learning has become more relevant than ever. This poses new demands in order to ensure equitable and qualitative education.

Already existing inequalities are further amplified by this crisis. Good education has become a matter of class, where the students with sufficient social and financial capital are those who prosper in the current system.

The change in educational routines in the wake of the the crisis gave birth to an idea of supporting the system by facilitating knowledge sharing. This vision has been implemented in the form of an online study community where university students can volunteer as tutors for elementary and high school students. In this way, we are connecting people eager to share their knowledge with those in need of others’ expertise.

When evaluating the possible forums for this community, we concluded that the best approach was to develop a stable and frictionless platform in the form of an app. While developing the prototype, we decided to launch a facebook pilot to quickly start assisting students in need of tutoring and gain app development insights.

In the app, students create requests for help by describing their particular issues. The tutors can then respond to the requests through chat or video. Video allows the tutor to explain complex concepts more interactively. After a request has been solved, students are offered to grade the tutoring. The request is then anonymized, and placed in an archive where other students gain access to previously shared knowledge.

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