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Network of Dreams

In Sweden, education is free and available for all citizens. So, in theory the possibilities should be endless for everyone.

However, studies show that children with unemployed parents have a 70% higher risk of being excluded from the labour market and the education system, while 4/5 children with parents who completed higher education, study themselves. This implies that there exists structural barriers between groups in society, a problem in need of a solution.

We have partnered with My Dream Now, to help develop an app where students can connect with mentors from many different careers and educations. By creating a standardized profile with video interviews, we have made the platform more accessible and interactive. The purpose is to spark curiosity and show that background has no importance when following your dream. Our aim is to reduce the existing information asymmetry among youth from different backgrounds, and contribute towards the Sustainable Development Goals number 4 and 8.

The full result of our work will be seen on June 6th as we, together with My Dream Now, will use all of our material to relaunch the app. This relaunch will show the scale of our work, as it will help more students within the target group to find the app and start creating their network of dreams.

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