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Inside the Box

Mental health issues grow increasingly common, especially during times of isolation, and treatment effectiveness remains limited. Efficient, independent and available initiatives are needed. Thus, this project targets Sustainable Development Goal 3; Good health and well-being, specifically by promoting mental health.

Inside the Box is about reminding yourself to step back inside your own box, to take care of yourself by connecting to your own sources of well-being. To promote this, we spread this message, and explore and facilitate a potential source – drawing

Our project consists of three main parts: an investigation, marketing, and their combined potential. Based on existing studies an explorative investigation was conducted where participants reported that a series of creative drawing sessions helped them handle stress, anxiety, and sadness. Though, many explained that they did not have the willpower to keep this drawing routine running on their own.

In response, Inside the Box maintains a community that provides encouragement, helpful nudging, and information; a solid foundation upon which we can keep inspiring others to improve their well-being. Feel free to take a look at our poster, join our community at Instagram (@insidethebox2020), or take a moment to reflect on what your sources of well-being are.

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