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Incube Mentorship Program

As the Covid-19 crisis became all the more apparent, we felt an urge to help. From experiencing some oft he consequences of the virus ourselves, e.g. homeschooling and a feistier labor market, we decided to direct our help towards younger students with less experience.

After discussions with different high-schools, we learned that the ones who struggled most from the crisis were students who struggled before the crisis - generally students with backgrounds in less privileged communities. Naturally, these students became our focus group. Our initial fear was how to get in touch with the students, but as virtual meetings became standard practice overnight, our biggest challenge turned out to be our biggest opportunity. Through continuous contact with school boards and with the help of other seminar groups, we fine-tuned a program we call Incube.

Incube is an online mentorship program, that promotes economic inclusion for all regardless of sex, race, or ethnicity. The aim of the program is to contribute feasibly to SDG goals number 8 and 10, Decent Work & Economic Growth, and Reduced Inequalities, among adolescents in Sweden. We identified two main barriers to economic inclusion, which have a tendency to be amplified for our focus group due to language and prejudice barriers, and in some cases a lack of guidance:v(1) Academic Success and(2) Job Opportunities. By utilizing our combined competence we designed the program to reduce these barriers through three main offerings to struggling students:

1. Improving current studies & envisioning future studies

2. Constructing CV’s, personal letters and applications for jobs

3. Give advice and nurse students in business-creation

With social distancing in mind, we held Zoom-presentations for high-schools in Stockholm and set up personal Zoom-meetings for plenty of interested students. Through our program, we managed to help, encourage, and hopefully elevate these students’ self-confidence and aspirations.

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