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ESG Alpha

The area of sustainable investing has skyrocketed during the 21st century. However, there seems to be a lacking consensus on how to evaluate sustainability from a quantitative perspective

Additionally every sustainable fund uses their own proprietary models. But what about the retail investors who owns roughly 20 % of the stock market? What options do they have in accounting for ESG-factors in their investment strategy?

ESG Alpha is a tool designed with the intent to help retail investors create sustainable portfolios. Based on the concept of smart betas, the ESG Alpha model accelerates the world of investing towards more widespread implementations of ESG factors into company valuation.

By visiting www.esgalpha.nu, retail investors can download our model for free. The model adjusts the beta value of a peer landscape which alters the return on equity and hence the company value. It is based on the belief that companies in the forefront of sustainability work will generate larger cash flows in the future - thus ESG Alpha helps allocate capital to companies that do good in the world.

ESG Alpha - Sustainable investing for everyone

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