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SDG 13, climate action, and SDG 12, responsible production, aspire to combine production with good social and environmental conditions.

In practice, companies report environmental and social performance through sustainability reporting. However, perception of the usefulness of these reports have decreased, leaving many stakeholders thoroughly disillusioned with the accuracy and transparency of sustainability reporting.

In this spirit, we founded Econspiracy in an effort to break down the informational asymmetry that allows companies to Greenwash adverse social and environmental externalities of production. The project focuses on educating stakeholders about sustainability reporting and spreading awareness of its negative aspects and controversies. Our hope is that stakeholders that effectively scrutinize sustainability reporting is to the benefit of sustainable companies and to the detriment of unsustainable companies.

The main content is on our website, econspiracy.se, with marketing on social media. The content is designed to be interactive through infographics, figures, “true-false-questions”, and videos to facilitate easier learning for non-professional stakeholders. There are 3 main categories of content; sustainability reporting, judicial, and opinion. The judicial segment breaks down the current legal environment of sustainability reporting. The opinion segment combines our own opinionated content and content from our corporate collaboration, such as Oriflame, about indicators of greenwashing, and Falu Gruva, about sustainability reporting. The sustainability reporting segment concerns practical information about how to effectively understand and use sustainability reports.

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