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Donera Mera

Every week, one person in Sweden dies whilst waiting for a donated organ. Today there are approximately 859 people on the waiting list.

While having the highest willingness to donate, Sweden has one of the lowest numbers of organ donations made in Europe. We wanted to know why. The aim of this Global Challenges Project was to increase awareness of organ donation and encourage people to take a stand on the subject matter.

We found that the low number of registered donors was mainly because organ donation issue rounded by myths and misunderstandings in the general population due to inadequate education on the subject. We wanted to combat this by educating those around us and encouraging them to sign up on the register.

During the project we conducted an awareness campaign through social media where we informed people about the facts regarding organ donation and simplified the process to register in the Swedish Donor Register. The campaign resulted in the subject being discussed in one of Sweden's largest podcasts and an online challenge where people registered.

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