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Covidkoll.se is an internet platform containing news, information and debunked myths from reputable sources. The site emphasizes the need for source criticism and a critical approach to new information, in times of crisis as well in more normal times.

To have a more permanent impact in regard to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the site contains useful knowledge regarding source criticism and offers methods to apply it to information anywhere. Examples of tangible consequences of misinformation concerning the Corona Crisis is presented to further emphasize the value of source criticism. 

In the short run, amidst the present crisis, the purpose of the site is to facilitate Good Health and Well-being (SDG no 3) as well as Responsible Consumption (no 12). In the long run, the site aims to facilitate the creation of Sustainable Cities and Communities (no 11), all this through Quality Education (no 4), which enables rectified action in this digital age. 

The site was launched mid-April 2020 and has since then helped create awareness regarding its containing topics. By the 8th of May, we reached over 2700 unique visitors!

To further promote learning and knowledge attainment and to measure the potential impact, we have added interactive as well as measurement features on the site. These additions managed to increase the average time spent on the website with over 1000% and helped us gain more insight to the site’s efficiency by obtaining survey responses regarding the visitors’ knowledge attainment as well as their intended utilization of the information. 

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