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Covid-19 Facts

While a deadly pandemic has struck the world, politicians, epidemiologists and social media users have confused the public by giving contradictory statements regarding the virus and what precautionary measures one should take to minimize the spread of it.

We decided to fight the spread of “fake news”, as it has the potential to save lives at the same time as we’re able to contribute to goal #3 and #4 of the SDG’s.

Thus, we have created a webpage, www.covidfacts.se, where we bring up common myths and misconceptions, and have gathered information from credible sources like WHO in order to bring clarity to the different questions. We have also put together a quiz consisting of 15 questions, where you can test your knowledge of the Corona virus. You can also share your results on social media, and encourage friends and relatives to take the test.

We have also partnered up with Stockholm Direkt, who distributes newspapers to +1 000 000 households in Stockholm every week. They have agreed to publish our quiz in their newspapers the 16th of May, increasing the range of our educational initiative to roughly 10% of the Swedish population.

By mitigating the misconceptions about the Coronavirus, we’re working primarily with SDG #4, quality education, as we’re ensuring people got the right information. A consequence of people being correctly informed in this case, means the prerequisites for SDG goal #3, good health and well-being, are improved.

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