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Charity Knob

At the start of the course, we asked ourselves what we could do to contribute towards sustainability. Through research we came across a simple, yet complex issue in our society. While it is uncommon for anyone to clean their home more than one time per week, hotel rooms are usually excessively cleaned every or every other day.

What if we could encourage hotel guests to abstain from having their rooms cleaned more than necessary? What if we could partner up with hotels agreeing to donate part of associated savings to a charitable cause? An initiative that would contribute towards the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) whilst saving resources such as water, detergent and labour from being wasted.

Our concept is a door hanger for hotels, giving hotel guests an option to place it on their doorknob and abstain from having their room cleaned when not fully needed - donating a majority of the associated savings to a charity of the guests’ preference.

In order to address as many SDGs as possible, taking into consideration the goals in which our survey indicated a prominent interest in, we have consciously chosen four global organizations and one local.

With an increased environmental impact of the hotel industry and hotel guests demanding environmentally conscious operations to a larger extent than ever before, the concept is in line with the current climate and environmental trend. Thus, being an opportunity for hotels to gain a competitive advantage and be a part of creating a sustainable future – for both hotels and guests.

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