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The charity landscape can be difficult to navigate. There are thousands of competent charities and important causes that need support, the alternatives can seem infinite.

The Charitability Test is a test that helps you find the charitable cause that is most important to you. By going through a journey where you make decisions based on your emotions and what you find most important, you narrow down what you care the most about and the test presents you with a certain cause you naturally feel the most for, along with a few select charities that you might like.

The test is done by going to charitability.se and simply clicking on the category you feel is the most important to you, People, Planet or Public. Continue by doing the same with the next categories presented to you until you receive your result.

The aim of Charitability is to increase the amount of people who end up actually donating to charities, by helping more people identify what cause and charity is the best fit for them. As such, the Charitability project does not focus on helping just a single Sustainable Development Goal. Instead, the aim is to contribute to reaching all 17 of the SDGs. Because of that, all the different categories in the Charitability Test are based on the 17 goals, to make sure every single one of them is represented in some way.

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