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Case for Care

We are trying to teach but what can we learn?

Our project was born through a collaboration with Soddo Christian Hospital, in Ethiopia. The first idea was to create a case competition to find solutions to their biggest challenge, funding. However, in the state of confusion created by covid-19 we shifted the focus of our partnership to help the organisation face the crisis. Our target became risk communication in the multilingual region of Soddo, additionally experiencing high levels of illiteracy. We have developed illustrations on how to best avoid contagion that are sent to the hospital, adhering to SDG 3: Good health and well-being. Our plan is to further spread these images to other parts of Ethiopia, and further if possible. The images are of such kind that they can be used in future similar epidemics. 
During our research we found the Ethiopian government to consistently be one step ahead of us, and we observed their actions in regards to the crisis. This led to us to experience an important lesson and paradigm shift, namely that we in “western” countries most often assume that we need to help and teach other, less developed, countries. However, there are several cases in which we could learn something ourselves. While keeping the SDG 3 as one goal, we also took in SDG17: Partnership for the goals. Accepting help and learning from others through a two-sided collaboration could therefore be the key to solving Global Challenges.  

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