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Another Breath

Another Breath is a project devoted to raising awareness about, and preventing drowning, the third leading cause of accidental deaths in the world.

It is sprung out of a firm belief that everyone has an equal right to good health and well-being and an intention to do our part in achieving that. From contact with people working with drowning prevention in developing countries we gathered that a lot is being done, but that the main problem is a lack of awareness and funding.

Our solution to this can be found at www.anotherbreath.org. The website is a platform dedicated to amassing information and helping people connect with initiatives working to reduce drowning incidents. On the site you will find descriptions of the situation today regarding accidental drownings, globally and in harshly stricken countries. For each country there are several organizations and initiatives listed, information on how they are tackling the problem and a way for you to contribute to their cause. Furthermore, you can find information from the World Health Organization on how to efficiently prevent drownings in developing countries. However, we are not by ourselves able to provide comprehensive information on drownings. Hence, what we have done is provide a service where everyone can contribute and together make information available to all of us and where we together with our local contacts only act as validators of the information. By doing so we also hope that visitors will be encouraged to make a contribution to one or more of the organizations working to improve swimming knowledge and water safety around the world.

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