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Awards ceremony

The live stream was published on May 18, at 18.00. You can watch the ceremony below:

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Winners of the awards, GC Expo 2020

Global Challenges Best Project Award 2020: Group 2:3, Connectiative

Motivation: A project supporting three of the SDGs and two major issues in Sweden: loneliness among elders and integration of immigrants into the Swedish society. A big and complex project that includes various organisations and that the students wish to continue working with. At the same time a relatively simple idea with high probability of successful implementation.

Group 2:3- Ebba Victorin, Emelie Rydén, Emma Folkow Renberg, Jonna Härmark, Julia Helgesson, Klara Myrsell             


Category Emerging risks: Group 3:2, Sustainable Sunday                 

Motivation: The project targets a particular emerging risk of our age: the widespread misinformation (in this case on the SDGs) in the midst of information abundance. Social media with their echo chambers contribute to polarization of opinions, while traditional media often neglect perspectives and news that challenge the established mainstream consensus. A good knowledge base on sustainability from reliable information sources is of utter importance for understanding and accelerating towards the Agenda 2030.

Group 3:2- Julia Westergren, Hedda Heinonen, Vendela Högberg, Edward Cornell, Philip Eriksson, Sanna Liljestrand


Category Social challenges: Group 9:1, Ekoguiden

Motivation: The project highlights a constant problem for consumers, to understand the plethora of sustainable products and sustainable labelling. It also points out the need to increase awareness of social aspects by including related criteria, besides environmental sustainability. Special strength: the project is already connected to an NGO.

Group 9:1-Linn Saadon, Ida Lennström, Ellinor Myrman, Tova Geiger, Jessica Stefansson


Category Multi-risk/Multi-SDG Group 10:2, Walk for change

Motivation: A brilliant, simple idea which truly describes how an app can produce a win/win situation on many levels: for the individual, for a company and for society as a whole. High probability of successful implementation. It can impact many SDGs depending on which donations firms can chose from.

Group 10:2-Jacob Sjöberg, Hjalmar Sörensen, Sara Lunning, Vendela Silwén, Greta Grunewald


Category Environmental risks Group 11:2, The Climate Case

Motivation:  A well thought and implemented idea in the educational field. Although the impact potential is presently limited to young people in Sweden, there is some international potential. Clever adapting to Covid 19 challenges! Special strength: the project is already piloted.

Group 11:2-Moa Belaieff Kronborg, Wilma Tillqvist, Ebba Bogfors, Johan Allen


Popular Vote: Group 4:4, #Skippafikan  

Group 4:4- Sofia Hänninger, Gabriel Nelsson Vedung, Theo Renaudin, Olle Bivner Johansson, Tobias Schreiber           




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