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Global Challenges Expo 2021

Welcome to the Global Challenges Expo 2021. Please have a look at the student projects below - and vote for your favourite one!

On May 18th at 12:15. a live stream will announce the winners of the Global Challenges Expo Awards 2021, sponsored by the Global Challenges Foundation and selected by a jury of experts, and by you! 




Mindshift is the theme for this year’s Expo, since it is important to develop capabilities, qualities, and skills in order to reach the Sustainable Development Goals. The Expo kicks off at the Mindshift-conference, that SSE organizes together with Center for Social Sustainability at Karolinska Institute, 29k and Ekskäret Foundation.

Watch Lars Strannegårds film regarding the importance of Global Challenges below:



In 2016, SSE introduced a whole new educational track: Global Challenges, funded by the Global Challenges Foundation. In four different courses over two years, all students in BSc Business & Economics gain deeper insight into how to handle global catastrophic risks such as climate change, pandemics and artificial intelligence, as well as other environmental and social challenges.

The first course in the track, Knowing, provides knowledge about global challenges, risks, Agenda 2030, and the global goals for sustainable development.

The second course, Doing, focuses on what can be done and in what forms. Special attention is paid to the role of business and economics in the transformation to a more sustainable society.

The third course, Being, focuses on the skills and capacities that are needed to lead the transformation.

The fourth course, Expressing, ties it all together and asks the students to take action by creating projects that make a real difference in the world.

Watch Emma Stenström's film explaining Global Challenges below:



Check out the projects and make sure to vote for you three favourite projects.

Vote for your favorite GC project starting Wednesday 12th May at 8:30am until Tuesday 18th May at 11am.

Vote on: VoxVote  Pin # 56347

An expert jury panel will also choose their favourites. The results of the voting will be announced on 18th at 12:15.


Christer Jacobson: Board Member, Global Challenges Foundation

Emma Ihre: Chairperson, Global Compact Network Sweden

Head of Sustainability, Mannheimer Swartling

Laurence Romani: Associate Professor

UN PRME director, Stockholm School of Economics


Global Challenges EXPO Overall Winner: Spiderfy, Group 5.4

Social Challenges Winner: Pad for a Pad, Group 5:1

Multi-risk/Multi-SDG Winner: Spiderfy, Group 5.4

Emerging Risks Winner: No News Media, Group 6.3

Popular Vote Winner: coBAZA, Group 8.4



Winner Best Project 2020 - Connectiative

Winner Best Project 2019 - The AI Challenge

Winner Best Project 2018 - Think about the Box