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practical information for promovendi 2017

hat and ring for the ceremony

During the ceremony, doctors will be conferred with hat, ring and a diploma.
Below you will find details and instructions regarding how to obtain the necessary attire and insignias.

It is obligatory for promovendi to have a hat and ring to be conferred as doctors. 

  • The Doctoral hat  

For those who wish to purchase a hat, please note the following: for a well-fitted hat, a conformateur measurement needs to be done by a professional hatter in order to get the exact measure of your head circumference and head shape. Information on how to order the hat, prices etc. can be found at Hattmakarna, including infomration applicable to SSE
Last date for ordering hat is July 14, 2017.

As the doctoral hat is rather costly, should you not wish to purchase one of your own, it is entirely acceptable to borrow a hat from someone who has earned a doctorate. 

The doctoral hat should be brought to City Hall, and carried in your hand during the procession in to the ceremony. At the actual conferment, the promotor places the hat on promovendi. The hat is not worn at the following banquet. 

  • The Ring

Should you wish to purchase a doctoral ring, our supplier is Henrik Ingemansson at Atelier Borgila, +46 8 662 4200 or henrik@borgila.se. Should you not be able to visit Henrik, you may visit a local goldsmith to take your measurements. Please note that the ring will be 5 mm wide. Price upon request, but doctoral rings generally cost about SEK 6.000 depending on the weight.
Last date for ordering a ring is June 30, 2017.

It is fine to use a plain gold band (like a wedding ring) at the ceremony.

All rings are brought to the rehearsal in Stora Salen on September 21, where you'll leave it with us. You will then receive your ring back during the conferment.

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