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FAQ - bachelor graduation

Below you'll find the answers to some frequently asked questions.


Information concerning Graduates only.

Who is eligible for graduation?
Those eligible for graduation are students who have completed the program, i.e., those who have earned the necessary credits. If you have any questions, please contact the Degree Office; degrees@hhs.se


Find your way to City Hall:

How do I find the way to City Hall?
Closest subway station is the Central station. Bus 3 and 50 has bus stops across the street from City Hall. If you are arriving by car, please note that the City Hall has no parking lots for external guests. Nearest parking space is Norr Mälarstrand.

Where do I enter the Stockholm City Hall?
Entrance to the Blue Hall at the City Hall is located at Borgargården, Hantverkargatan , and cloakroom is available in the entrance hall. Doors open from 14.10 for graduates and from 16.15 for guests. 

Dress code and rental:

What is the dress code for the ceremony and banquet?
For graduates and guests attending the…
... ceremony only: dark suit or white tie/evening dress
... ceremony and banquet, or only banquet: white tie/evening dress

For guests attending…
... ceremony only: business casual, dark suit, or white tie/evening dress
... ceremony and banquet, or only banquet: white tie/evening dress

Please note: There is no particular tradition as to the style or color of  dresses, only that they be full-length.

White tie stands for tails with white vest, white bowtie, white shirt, black shoes and black socks. It also translates to national dress or military mess kit or long evening gown.

If you wish to rent white tie or dress, the following companies may help you: 

  • Brudgummen (only mens clothing), Vattugatan 1, tel. 08 - 300 112. 
  • Royal Högtidskläder, Linnégatan 31, tel. 08-612 37 35
  • Östermalms Smoking & Frackuthyrning (only mens clothing), Almlöfsgatan 3, tel. 08-660 28 29.

Graduates; there will be no time for change of clothes, so these dress codes apply from the time you arrive for rehearsal. 

ceremony rehearsal:

Information concerning Graduates only.

When does the rehearsal start? What do we do then? Why do we have to rehearse?The rehearsal is mandatory and starts at 14.30, doors open from 14.10. All graduates (only graduates) that have confirmed their attendance gather in the Blue Hall at Stockholm City Hall. You will line up in procession in the same order as you will enter on the diploma ceremony, and take your designated seat. The rehearsal is of great importance in order to make the diploma ceremony smooth and elegant. There will be ushers to guide you. Please note that it is most important to be on time.

I cannot attend the rehearsal, what do I do?
If you know you will be arriving late, please send an email to diplomering@hhs.se

graduation ceremony:

Can children attend the ceremony?
Children are very welcome to attend the ceremony. However, accompanying guests should be ready to go out in the foyer they are disturbing the ceremony. We recommend that you come early and take seats close to the foyer. Please make sure to register children as guests, as they are also counted in the total amount due to the fire regulations.

May I take photos during the ceremony?
Yes you may if it is done discreetly. However, SSE photographers will take pictures during the ceremony and banquet, a group photo of all graduands before the ceremony, as well as on every single graduand receiving the diploma from the President. Information on prices and how to order the photos can be provided via email after the ceremony.

The information below concerns graduates only. 

How is the ceremony performed?
All graduands line up in procession, sorted by last name, in Rådsgången inside City Hall. The ceremony starts with graduands descending the stairs into the Blue Hall, where you will take your designated seat (same as on the rehearsal). Ushers will guide you as well.

The President of Stockholm School of Economics opens the diploma ceremony with a speech. Graduands will start to line-up based on seating order, to receive your diploma from the President, and then return to your seat. This goes on until all graduands are graduates. The diploma ceremony will also include entertainment from SSE-students and inspirational speeches, and takes approximately two hours. An the end, all graduates will line up in procession again, and ascend the stairs.

You will meet and greet with your guests back in the Blue Hall, before the banquet in the Golden Hall starts approximately 19.30.

How many guests can I bring to the ceremony?
Since the City Hall has a strict limit on guests, we have to reduce the maximum number of guests per graduand to two for the ceremony, and one for the banquet. 

BANQUET & after party:

When and where is the banquet held?
The banquet takes place in the Golden Hall in City Hall, where a three-course meal with wine will be served. After the banquet, live music begins in the Blue Hall, where coffee is served and a bar opens (drinks at your own expense). The banquet is estimated to start at 19.30 and finish at about 22.00.

I have special dietary requirements, what do I do?
Please state your special food requirements in the designated fields in the RSVP-form.

The information below concerns graduates only. 

How many guests can I bring to the banquet and at what cost? 
Graduates have the possibility to invite one guest to the banquet at the same cost as for graduates; 1650 SEK/person. 

What about seating arrangements for the banquet?
As a graduate, you have the possibility to send us your seating preferences through a seating-map, where you “place” yourself and your friends around the table holding up to 20 people. If you are responsible among your friends for the seating arrangements; please make sure to communicate with them, to ensure that no one appears on several seatings. Create your seating map here.

Please contact klubbvardinna@sasse.se if you have any questions on seating. 

When and where is the after party?
Around midnight, buses will depart from City Hall to the graduates after party in the SSE Student Pub.
Please contact klubbvardinna@sasse.se if you have any questions with regards to the after party. 


Information concerning Graduates only.

How do I receive my diploma if I’m unable to attend the ceremony?
For those of you who cannot participate on the ceremony on, please fill in the RSVP-form and state how you would like your diploma to be handled accordingly.

I’m unable to attend the ceremony, can I be a part of the ceremony at a later occasion instead?
If you have applied for your degree, but are unable to attend the graduation ceremony for any reason, you cannot choose to attend at a later occasion.

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