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Exclusive opportunity to receive a group of students from the Master of Science in Business and Management (MBM) to work with business creation and development at your startup.


You are the client, who wants advice and solutions on how to create and develop new business in the future. An international team of 4-5 SSE master students acting as consultants, analyses your current business model and product/service offering, explores new market and technological trends, and proposes solutions to grow your business through new products, markets and strategies. 

This field project is a part of course 1313 and gives students the chance to integrate their theory-based innovation knowledge and to put it into action and practical use in a real context; and it gives you the opportunity to benefit from their commitment to learn and their ambition to hone their management skills. 

Full description of the course 1313 is available here.

Field projects from past years:

  • Develop a new value proposition and business model for a calling app
  • Devise a go-to-market strategy for an innovative service by a major Nordic bank
  • Propose an internationalization plan for a Swedish importer of organic food
  • Help an online platform increase the trial-topaid-user conversion rate 

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