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Performance: Delivery by Axel Berger

The artist Axel Berger will do a performance called Delivery in the school's main building on Sveavägen 65 on February 8 at 12-12.45. Keep your eyes open.

file.jpegAxel Berger´s durational performance presents us with a tableaux vivant of a mundane situation that seems to have been frozen still at a critical moment. It is meditation on slow-motion and a metaphor of the Sisyphean conditions of laborers in the home-delivery job market.

The day after the performance, Axel vill do an art talk at the school. More info here.

Axel Berger is a Malmö based artist working across the fields of performance art, visual art and dance. His method is constituted of both material interventions and of performances presenting bodies in different situations of movement. His work has previously been presented both internationally and in Sweden at, amongst others, Supermarket Art Fair, Sthlm Fringe Festival and Lunds Konsthall.

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