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Art talk: August Eriksson

What happens when nothing happens? Welcome to this art talk about walking, attention and art with the artist August Eriksson, who's artwork Var uppmärksam (Pay attention) is represented in the SSE permanent collection.

August Eriksson is an artist and publisher whose practice is rooted in photography expanding to other media. Eriksson explores our perception in relation to movement and our ability to find meaning through repetition. 

He has published three books with walking as its starting point. In previous projects he has walked a Buddhist pilgrimage path and followed a monk, who night after night walked around the same mountain. In What Happens When Nothing Happens he walked the empty streets of Stockholm at night observing the eventlessness.

Evolving from his photographic work he started to use the language of the traffic sign. In 2020 August Eriksson placed his sign Var uppmärksam (Pay attention) on different locations in Stockholm, asking the observer to pay attention to something - maybe to attention itself? He also photographed his signs. One of the locations August Eriksson installed his piece was SSE´s imposing black oak portal on Sveavägen 65. 

August Eriksson is part of the SSE permanent collection with his photographic work Var uppmärksam/Handelshögskolan (Pay attention/Handelshögskolan). SSE Art Initiative is still exhibiting pieces from his Var uppmärksam series (in the staircase next to the auditorium).

Welcome to join this art talk on May 19, 12-13, in the Jacob Dahlgren room. 

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Cover of What Happens When Nothing Happens by August Eriksson.

“A wealth of information creates a poverty of attention.” Herbert Simons (1916-2001), economist, psychologist and Nobel Laureate

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