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ABC colloquium with Niclas Östlind: What does artistic research really do?

Welcome to this colloquium with Niclas Östlind, associate professor of Valad Academy of Art and Design at Göteborg University. Konstens kunskap/Knowledge of Art is a bilingual anthology on what kind of knowledge art may generate. This question is highly relevant when Social and Economic Research turn to Aesthetic/Artistic methods, as we do at SSE.


So what do artists do when making PhD research? Nyberg and Östlinds book answers by investigating twelve different artistic doctoral dissertations presented at the University of Gothenburg.

What are the methods, theories and results of artistic research? At SSE we of course wonder what inspiration Management and Organization research might get from Artistic Research? What can Social Science learn?

As a discipline, artistic research has existed in Sweden for more than 20 years and the Faculty of Fine, Applied and Performing Arts at the University of Gothenburg was the university where the discipline was first established. This book edited by Nyberg and Östlind shows what artistic research has achieved, how it works, how it relates to other research disciplines but also what challenges it faces.

The authors of the twelve chapters, each investigating one specific artistic PhD thesis, are all engaged in artistic research and its establishment as a scientific discourse.

The book´s editor Niclas Östlind holds a PhD, has been expert on Artistic Research of the Swedish Research Council and is currently an associate professor of Valad Academy of Art and Design at Göteborg University.  

Warm welcome!

Room: Sven-Erik, Saltmätargatan 13-17, floor 6

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Pierre Guillet de Monthoux

Professor affiliated ABC and Scientific Director SSE Art Initiative


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