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Art Talk on Crypto Art

Art Talk with Economic Space Agency on Cryptocurrencies and Art

We hosted an Art Talk on art and cryptocurrencies and the future of finance with members of Economic Space Agency, a startup in San Francisco aimed at democratizing the financial sector. Following the lecture, ECSA also led a seminar on the design of future currencies.

Economic Space Agency is a network that extends from post-Marxist philosophers and human rights activists to internet innovators and financial anarchists. Tiziana Terranova is an Italian theorist and activist, whose work focuses on social change in network culture. Since the monograph Network Culture: Politics for the Information Age (2004), she has published her research in numerous articles and essays. she is a frequent keynote speaker at conferences on economic and technological activism. Brian Kuan Wood is a writer based in New York and founder of the digital e-flux journal. In addition to writing profusely about and with various artists, he has been the editor of publications such as “The Internet Does Not Exist” (2015) and “Are You Working Too Much? Post-Fordism, Precarity, and the Labor of Art” (2011).



THURSDAY 18 January
12-13 Economic Space Agency: The New Stack of Digital Economic Empowerment. The State of the Project
14-17 Economy as a design question I: How do you price and govern an expanding capability?
18-20 Crypto Crash Course: From Bitcoin to Ethereum to ICOs to New Economic SpaceSATURDAY 20 JANUARY

SATURDAY 20 January
13-14 Introduction: The future of value: new monetary perpectivism (auditorium)
14-16 Guided tours, distributed lectures at the exhibition (exhibition)
16-17 Wrap up and next steps (auditorium)
19-21 Party! (location To be announced)

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