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Voices about the Corporate Partnership Program


 Maria-Pia Hope, CEO & Managing Partner Stockholm,  Advokatfirman Vinge. 

 "Vinge is a Corporate Partner to SSE for more than one reason.  The obvious is of course that we get access to academic research and that we can create relationships with tomorrow's leaders and decision makers. But through our increased involvement within SSE, we help with legal advice to entrepreneurs through SSE  Business Lab, and we get something even bigger - the opportunity  to sit down with young, driven individuals who help us understand  what challenges the next generation of entrepreneurs are facing."


Caroline Berg

 Caroline Berg, Chairman, Axel Johnson AB. 

 "Through research projects and ongoing contact with the students  within the Center for Retailing, there is an excitinginformation and  knowledge exchange between SSE and retail businesses. Through  our partnership, we can contribute to the school to continue to  offer one of the country’s best educations within economics."




Klaus Klaus Kibsgaard, President, BMW Group Northern  Europe. 

 "Our partnership with SSE helps young people get a high-quality  education and the opportunity to enter and progress in work,  while improving our ability to recruit qualified trainees and  employees."





 Tom Dinkelspiel, Chairman, E. Öhman J:or AB. 

 "We think it's important to have a business school in international  ranking. It also feels satisfying to give something back to our old  school."





Claes-Goran Claes-Göran Sylvén, Chairman, ICA Gruppen.

 "The reason ICA is a part of the Corporate Partnership Program,  and has been since the start of Center for Retailing, are several.  On the one hand we see the long-term need to get educated  employees from SSE with specialization and understanding of our  industry, and to be involved developing the sector. A second  reason is that the  training/program reflects the industry range of  choices and areas to work with in commerce. The third reason is  that it is important for us to integrate our industry with education  and research to develop our industry in consensus.
Last, but not least, it is important that we are part of SSE to thereby be able to placing our industry in the center of business and society."


Alexander Alexander af Jochnick, Chairman, Oriflame Cosmetics  AB. 

 "Through the Corporate Partnership Program we are able to  support and further develop an education of the highest quality.  This is an important signal for both staff and students, shows that  we are a long-term and ambitious employer."




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