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New Grading System at SSE

In the fall of 2016 SSE introduced a new grading system for all bachelor and master students admitted fall 2016 or later.

The new system has four passing grades; Pass (50 – 59 marks), Good (60 – 69 marks), Very Good (70 – 79 marks) and Excellent (80 – 100 marks). GPA based on the new system use the following conversion: Pass = 3,0; Good = 3,5; Very Good = 4,0 and Excellent = 5,0. There is no target distribution for the new grades but examiners should aim at having no more than 25% Excellent grades (of those who pass the course).

Course directors can issue a “Course director’s award for outstanding performance” to students who have shown outstanding performance. It is an opportunity, and not a requirement, to issue such awards. The course director can issue awards to a maximum of 10% of students registered on the course for the first time. The award, that does not affect the GPA of the student, is printed separately, together with the grade transcript as the student graduates or at a time when students need it, for instance in applying for internships.

On the program level, the top 10% of students (in terms of GPA for those students who finish the program on time) will receive an award named “President’s list”.

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