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We currently advise against any non-essential travel, foreign as well as domestic.

Due to the extended outbreak of the new coronavirus, and the fast-changing and insecure situation that exists when it comes to travel, The Ministry for Foreign Affairs advises against any non-essential travels to all foreign countries. The decision against traveling was taken on March 14, 2020, and extends to April 14, when a new assessment will be made.

Countries are imposing stricter measures to impede the spread of the disease, including quarantines and suspension of or restrictions on transportation. This means travelers are at risk of not being able to easily return home. We must also consider the possible risk that our traveling poses for the countries and regions we visit. 

The Stockholm School of Economics therefore advises our students, staff and faculty to avoid any non-essential travel, both work/study-related and private, international as well as domestic. 

  • Do not travel abroad.
  • Re-consider any domestic travel and look into other options together with your manager.

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