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Rules and restricted access

To limit the risk of contagion, access to our premises will be denied to anybody who exhibits any cold or flu symptoms.

Our regulations and recommendations:

  • It is prohibited to visit the SSE premises if you have any cold or flu symptoms at all, regardless of whether you have visited an affected region or not. Students are advised that infringement of this decision will constitute a disciplinary offence under the Disciplinary Regulations.
  • Do not travel abroad. 
  • Re-consider any domestic travel and look into other options together with your manager.
  • Carry out meetings, studies and teaching activities through digital means, where possible. If you are unsure of what applies to you, please speak to your director or manager.
  • The SSE campus will stay open (for security reasons access cards with code will be needed), but with firm restrictions on access and conduct while on the premises. Restrictions as listed above apply. Students who wish to use the space for studies must keep a distance of at least one meter from each other. Hygiene recommendations must be followed. 
  • The SSE Library is closed for all students and visitors from March 18 through to the end of April (or until further notice). More information about the library.

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