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Q&A about SSE moving all teaching online from 23 November 2020

The Q&A is divided into four sections; a) COVID-19 positive, b) being on campus, c) regarding education and studies and d) for staff & faculty.

If testing positive for COVID-19

Should I still inform the school if I test positive for COVID-19, now that most staff and students will not meet physically on campus?

Should I still inform the school if I test positive for COVID-19, now that most staff and students will not meet physically on campus?
Yes, we want you to continue following our routines if you test positive for COVID-19. It is very important for us to monitor the development of the contagion at SSE, as we report the current situation in our contacts with the health authorities. Even though a cluster outbreak related to education will be unlikely now that we move teaching online, we still want to have an overview of number of infected people, in order to make necessary adjustments to our operations.

About being on campus

Our Infocenter stays open as normal, but our library will have limited staffed hours and outside of these hours one can use the digital services. No visitors, guests, meetings or events are allowed on campus.

Will the campus remain open?
Yes, our campus will remain open as a place for our students to perform individual studies, and for staff with critical positions that demands their presence on campus. Campus will not be open for visitors or external guests.

Will the library remain open?
Yes, the library will be open for our students Monday – Friday 9.00-17.00 for individual, quiet studies. The library service desk will be staffed between 11.00-13.00. If students need help outside of these two hours, they can contact the digital customer service, more information on hhs.se.

Will the Infocenter remain open?
Yes, the Infocenter will remain open and staffed Monday-Friday 8.00-17.00.

Can visitors come to SSE?
No, we are not allowing visitors and external guests on campus.

Can I have a meeting on campus if we sit with distance to each other and only as many people as the room allows?
During this period of strict regulations, you are not to be present on campus unless you have a critical position that demands your presence. If you have such a position and have a meeting with other persons also in critical positions that demands their presence on campus, you are allowed to have a physical meeting respecting our rules of physical distance and the capacity of the room. People without critical positions are not allowed on campus and should attend meetings online.

Can I organise a small event for my staff, if we respect the rules of physical distance and room capacity?
No, we do not allow any types of events on campus.

Regarding education and studies

We allow individual studies but to avoid students sitting to close we do not allow group work on campus. All exams in December 2020 and January 2021 will be held online. You can also participate in your online class on campus as long as you do not disturb others.

Can I study at school?
Yes, you can study in the atrium, in our study rooms, in the library, and in study premises on Saltmätargatan. Only individual studies are allowed, and all students must respect the rules of physical distance while on campus.

Can I sit at school and participate in my online classes?
Yes, as long as you do not disturb your fellow students. If you need to participate in your online class by speaking you should attend the class outside of campus where you will not disturb others.

Can we do our group assignments on campus?
No, we do not allow any group work on campus as we want to minimize the risk of students sitting to close.

Will my exams be online?
Yes, all exams during December 2020 and January 2021 will be held online. Decisions on the following exam periods will be communicated later.

For staff and faculty

Special rules apply for PhD defences and only staff with critical positions are allowed on campus.

Can I hold classes and seminars on campus if my subject doesn’t work online?
No, no on-campus activities are allowed as of Monday 23 November. Talk to your Program Director about an appropriate solution.

What rules apply for PhD defences?
PhD defences are conducted in a corona-adapted mode. While there will always be the possibility to follow the defence on campus, the maximum amount of people allowed in the room is limited to eight. The remaining audience will be invited to follow the event via Zoom.

Which staff members are allowed on campus?
Only staff with critical positions, i.e. who need to be on campus, are allowed.

My manager says I have a critical position and that I must be present on campus. Can I refuse as I am worried about commuting and meeting people outside of my household?
No, you cannot refuse because of general worries about getting infected while commuting or being on campus. If you are worried, please talk to your manager.

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