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Here you will find information about the hybrid strategy that SSE has adopted for the incoming fall and what it means for you.


Will the library be open in the fall term? 

The library will be open for students, faculty and staff but will remain closed for external visitors during study period 1 (31.8-26.10). 

Will you encourage the use of face masks on campus?

Everyone at SSE is at liberty to use face masks, but there will not be a general recommendation to use face masks and they will not be provided by the school. This decision may change if the public health authority changes its recommendations. 

Will you apply physical distancing on campus for the fall term?

Physical distancing is at the heart of the SSE corona strategy and will be applied throughout our campus. All classes, lectures and seminars will be limited to 50 people and we are relying on students and teachers to collaborate to make sure we can keep our campus as safe as possible. 

The hybrid strategy for fall, does that mean that one can choose to participate in lectures etc. from home or is the home alternative only for people who cannot travel or are in risk groups?

We encourage all students to be present in Stockholm for the fall term. For study period 1, however, it is up to every student to make that decision and the school will not enquire about reasons.

Is Sweden issuing visas for international students (outside the EU) applying for the fall semester, or are all resident permits for Master students on hold now?

New non-EU students are welcome to apply for the residence permits as usual and can be granted one providing they fulfil the requirements for it, and if university intends to conduct the studies on campus in the fall 2020. The Swedish Migration Board always provides a margin of 14 days before the start and end of the program for the student to decide on the arrival and departure date (so planning of the 14 days self-isolation is possible if needed). 

The question of biometrics differs from country to country in terms of the possibilities for this. This lies in the hands of the applicant and the local embassy, ​​and the Swedish Migration Board has no solution to the biometrics issue today.

What are the criteria to be able to stay in our home country in the first part of the fall semester?

We are encouraging all students to be present in Stockholm for the fall term. For study period 1, however, it is up to every student to make that decision and the school will not enquire about reasons.  

I would like to know if it is confirmed that students will be able to join SSE for this fall, or should I still wait and take my airplane tickets later?

All students are encouraged to be present in Stockholm in August as we are resuming campus-based teaching and activities in August. 

Will courses be fully online? Partly? Or will everything be in class?

At SSE, the physical encounter and exchange between students and faculty is at the heart of our strategy. We are resuming campus activities in August, but as not all students will be able to be present in Stockholm for study period 1 (31.8-26.10), it will also be possible to follow courses from a distance e.g. online. 

I have read online that the student association has a lot of activities. Are these activities expected to proceed the upcoming exchange semester or will a lot get canceled? 

The student association SASSE will organise both physical and online activities, although the number of events and activities is likely to be lower than usual. For more information, please visit www.sasse.se.

Will the leisure sector in Sweden be affected this fall, for example, restaurants and clubs?

Restaurants and clubs are allowed to stay open, provided that they respect the recommendations on physical distancing and hygiene that have been issued by the authorities. 

Will it be possible to take all courses online during the fall semester?

For study period one (31.8-26.10) we have adopted a hybrid strategy. We will resume campus education in August for all, but seeing that not all students will be able to join us on campus we will also make it possible to follow all education from a distance. We encourage all students to be present in Stockholm for the fall term. For study period 1, however, we know that not all students will be able to be present in Stockholm. Students can decide whether to be present or not, the school will not enquire into individual reasons.  As for study period 2, decisions will be made and communicated by early September.

What precautions has SSE taken to keep its students safe?

SSE established a Corona Task Force in March to continuously monitor the situation regarding Covid-19 and manage the school’s response to issues related to the pandemic. The risks in society related to the coronavirus are constantly changing, in Europe and in Sweden. SSE is in regular consultation with national as well as regional authorities to ensure that we are following and adapting to recommendations to create the safest possible environment for our students. 

Will the degree programme that I have been admitted to start as planned in autumn 2020 and if so, will the studies be classroom-based or distance learning at the start of the autumn 2020 semester?

All SSE’s degree programs will start as planned in August 2020 and we encourage all students who can to be present in Stockholm. Following a government decision in May, higher education institutions will resume campus-based education in August. To ensure that all students can follow classes, SSE has adopted a hybrid strategy for the first study period (August 31 to October 26). This means that classes will be given both on campus and online.

What happens if I cannot come to Stockholm on time at the start of the semester?

For the first study period (August 31 to October 26) it will be possible to follow classes online, so even if you are unable to get to Stockholm you will be able to start your education. We also encourage you to stay in contact with your Programme Director about your situation.

Can I defer and start my studies in spring 2021?

No, unfortunately we are not able to accept any deferrals.

Will you be arranging the Arrival Day and Orientation Weeks as per normal?

The introduction week for newly admitted students and exchange students will take place August 24 to 28. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, however, the schedule and activities have been altered to adapt to recommendations from the authorities and to make sure that we keep campus environment as safe as possible for students.

Will it be safe for me to come to Sweden in August?

Swedish authorities are following the spread of the coronavirus very carefully and are working tirelessly to keep Sweden and its residents safe. The best way to follow developments regarding the virus is to refer to the WHO website and the ECDC website. There are currently travel restrictions in place for foreign nationals travelling to Sweden. We will keep you updated regarding changes in these restrictions during the pre-arrival phase. Please also stay updated by checking emergency information from Swedish authorities.

What precautions has Sweden taken to keep its population safe?

The Swedish Government and government authorities are taking new measures on a daily basis. New measures will be taken as necessary. So far, the measures include cancelling gatherings of more than 50 people, introducing travel restrictions to Sweden and transitioning high school and higher education studies to distance learning. A ban on visitors to homes for the elderly has also been implemented. In addition, public announcements are made regularly, instructing the public how to stay safe and how to best protect the elderly and other risk groups. Those who can are asked to work from home. Swedish authorities are collaborating closely and working proactively to prepare our healthcare system to ensure that it will have the capacity to offer care to infected individuals who need it.

Will I be able to get healthcare in Sweden? Will I have to pay for it?

Yes, incoming international degree students and exchange students will have insurance provided by the Swedish Government. In addition, students who are staying in Sweden for more than one year, will be able to get a Swedish 'personal number' and with this they have the same access to the national healthcare system as other Swedish residents. Visits to a health clinic generally cost from SEK 120 to SEK 400.

I don’t feel safe to travel to Sweden and SSE yet, can I start my exchange via distance education?

For the first part of the fall term, SSE has adopted a hybrid strategy. This means that we resume campus-based education and classes for students who are present in Stockholm. During the first study period (August 31 to October 26) it will however also be possible to follow classes online for students who cannot be present in Stockholm.

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