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For our staff and faculty

Are you sick or working from home? Information and tools are available here.

Working from home

On March 16, the Public Health Agency of Sweden (Folkhälsomyndigheten) issued recommendations that people in the Stockholm region should work from home, where possible. Stockholm School of Economics follows these recommendations.

  • Employees who are able to work from home are recommended to do so, when the tasks allow it. Please speak to your manager and discuss what applies to you.
  • Some roles may be critical and need to be on campus within a short amount of time. Consult with your direct manager if you are planning on being far from your workplace.
  • When working from home, you should always be reachable (by phone, email, Teams chat and/or other digital means).
  • Campus remains open but for security reasons access cards with code will be needed all days of the week. 

Online resources

There are plenty of tools available for those who need or choose to work from home. Starting March 18, all teaching activities will also be carried out digitally or through alternative means. Here are some useful tools:

  • Make the most of the Office 365, where you can find OneDrive and Sharepoint, as well as other useful apps.
  • Download the Teams app, to facilitate communication with your team and/or other colleagues at SSE. In Teams you can start group or individual chats, schedule video meetings and share files. 
  • For your online teaching needs, use Zoom
  • For more information and tips about digital tools available to faculty, please visit our portal (password required).

Sick pay from day one

The Swedish government has decided to temporarily scrap the first unpaid day of your sick leave, known as karensdag. Scrapping the karensdag means that if you need to be absent from work due to illness, you will get sick pay from day one instead of day two. This removes an important threshold for employees with lighter symptoms to stay home.

The measure is in effect as of March 12 and will apply for a month and a half. If you have any questions, please contact HR Director Charlotte Celsing.

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