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Frequently Asked Questions

We hope you will find the answer to your questions below. If not, please let us know.

Where do I find the photos from the CEMS Annual Events and Graduation Ceremony?

All photo albums from the CEMS Annual Events and Graduation Ceremony can be found here on CEMS Flickr-account. 

How do I register?

Registration has now been closed. 

The registration is open from June 8th and will close on October 14th for academic members. Registration will close on November 9th for students and alumni.

For all registrations & fees information: www.cems.org/aeregistration

If you are a community member you will need your login and password. In the event that you have lost your login and/or password, please retrieve it here. If you do not yet possess a login and/or password, you can obtain them at annualevents@cems.org. Graduates and community members must register their guest(s) as part of their own registration. Note that you may not have access to all events, some of them being restricted to specific community stakeholder groups. You will only have access to events for which you are eligible. 

How much must my guest(s) and I pay?

Enter your registration zone on http://www.cems.org/aeregistration to see the costs of the events that you and your guests can attend.

How can I pay for the events I have chosen to attend?

See Registrations & Fees on the CEMS official website. www.cems.org/aeregistration

Seats and participation to events are definitively booked after the registration has been paid in full. Because of the limited number of seats, we encourage you to register and pay as soon as possible. 

What happens if I cancel my participation or my guest(s) participation in the Events?

Cancellations must be confirmed in writing by e-mail to annualevents@cems.org before Wednesday November 9th, 2016 (midnight CET). Minus a handling fee of €12. After this date no refund is possible. In cases of no-shows, no refund is made.

Can I make changes in the registration for guests?

Yes, changes can be made until registration closes. Please note that the organization will not get involved with exchanging tickets, and that the names of those attending the events will be checked according to the registration database. Therefore, a person attending the event must be the same one that appears in the register – alternatively , the person attending can provide a written document from the registered person stating that he/she allows a third party to use the tickets.

Is there a dress code?

Graduation ceremony and activities: Smart Formal - tuxedo, national costume, or a formal dark suit and tie/long dress, smart suit, or a formal cocktail-length dress.
For other attendees there is no formal dress code, even though elegance is preferred.

Other events: You are advised to wear what is appropriate to the event you are attending. For example, business attire on formal meetings and events.

How can I order the official graduation clothing for the Ceremony?

Official graduation clothing (a scarf) for the ceremony will be provided by the Stockholm School of Economics.

Thus respecting the dark colors dress code is important. 

How do I contact the organizing team?

If you do not find answers to your questions on these pages, you can contact The CEMS Annual Events Organizing Team by email after the following :

For Content & Registration please send your query to: annualevents@cems.org
For Organization & Logistics please send your query to: cemsae2016@hhs.se
For Alumni questions please contact: wieteke.dupain@cems.org
For hotel bookings please contact: CEMS2016hotels@meetx.se or phone: +46 (0)31 708 86 90 

Who can attend CEMS Annual Events?

Everyone in the CEMS Community can attend the CEMS Annual Events.

Meetings: Several governance meetings are opened only to respective stakeholders (Executive Board, Alumni Association Board and Local Committees, Communication Directors, Program Managers, LBCG and MCB Committees, Student Board).

Graduation Ceremony: The Graduation Ceremony is on a first registered, first seated basis for graduates and their guests and for the Academic Community.

All other social events, parties and the Sunday Brunch are open to all Community members.

Can students (not graduating this year) attend the Graduation Ceremony?

Since we have a limited number of seats in the location where the Graduation Ceremony will take place, Graduates and official guests have priority. If there are seats available at the end of the registration period students may be able to enter the graduation ceremony. They can of course join the ceremony as an official guest, registered in the system, and the Graduation party.

How many guests can I bring?

Each graduand can bring up to two (2) guests. If you wish to bring more guests (maximum three extra), please add them to the waiting list in the registration form. First registered, first seated. NOTE: The graduation ceremony has reached its maximum amount and the waiting list is now closed. Seats have been reserved for graduands. Graduands are kindly asked to confirm at your earliest convienience.

Under no condition can graduands not attending the Graduation enter guests for other students. 

Why must I pay at the time of registration?

Because of the number of NON-VALIDATED registrations, the organizing committee must request payment at the time of registration. If you would like to register but need more time for payment, send us an email at annualevents@cems.org.


What do I need to bring to enter the dinner & parties both on Friday and Saturday?

Bring your confirmation email which states that you have paid for the dinner and/or party and any further e-mails from the organization regarding changes.

Do I need a visa to travel to Sweden?

If you are a citizen of a non-EU country, you may need a visa. Please visit Migrationsverket.se to see if you need a visa and to find instructions on how to apply. Make sure to check well in advance!

If you need a letter of invitation, please contact us.

Why is the graduation dinner less expensive for the graduates, than for the guests?

We would like to keep the cost down for the graduands, and we do not charge you for your graduation ceremony.

I would like to attend the graduation dinner, but not the following graduation party. Can I receive a reduced price?

The party is part of the dinner, so it's not possible to deduct cost if you (or your guests) don’t wish to attend the party. As the events lead from one into another, it would be too tricky logistically to divide the guests after the dinner. 

What is included in the Graduation Ceremony, Dinner and Party?

The CEMS MIM Graduation is a very special moment for CEMS MIM Graduands and their guests. The ceremony in Annexet will include inspirational speeches and entertainment – and most importantly, the moments where the graduands receive their diploma.

After the ceremony, graduates and guests will meet and greet over a drink, followed by a dinner accompanied by optional beverage in the Ericsson Globe. The Party takes place back in Annexet, just a short indoor walk away.

The size of the event requires a special venue and organization, and the cost for the hosting academic member is enormous. Guests at the Graduation ceremony and evening activities participate to this organization with a small fee. Therefore, the cost of the dinner does not only include food and drinks, but a participative contribution to the overall organization. 

When will I receive an answer of how many guests I can bring from the waiting list?

We are doing our best to accommodate everyone, but until all confirmed graduands have registered with the opportunity to register their two guests first, we can't open the waiting list. More information to come in end-October.

Please note that it is no longer possible to enter names to the waitinglist, as we have reached the maximum capacity at the Graduation Ceremony. 


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