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London Alumni Mentor Program

The London Alumni Mentor Program will not be running during 2017/18

The aim is to provide support to young alumni with one to four years of work experience to succeed in their present roles and to develop their full potential. Each mentee will be allocated a senior mentor from the SSE Alumni network in London. The mentor’s role is to support the mentee in career decisions and share experience from their professional careers in London.

We are looking for mentors

If you are already in a senior position in London with approximately 10 years of work experience or more, this is an opportunity for you to support junior alumni in their development and share your experience and thoughts. The time commitment is about 10 hours over a year and the mentee is responsible for taking the relationship forward. Most mentors find a mentor relationship very rewarding as it provides a different perspective and a way to contribute to other people´s success.

So if you are interested in developing other people and willing to share your experience and ideas please send us your CV and/or bio together with a short description of how you would like to contribute as a mentor. If you have any specific requirements regards the mentee please add them as well. 

and mentees

If you have one to four years of work experience after graduating from SSE and you feel that you would benefit from having a mentor either to support you in your present role or to move on to another position please send us your CV and a short description including:

  • why you would benefit from having a mentor
  • what you expect to get out a mentor program
  • characteristics you look for in a mentor
  • if you have a preference of a mentor working in a specific industry

More information about future application opportunities will be available during 2017.

Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact SSE Career Services
Cecilia Frietsch, Head of Career Services (Cecilia.Frietsch@hhs.se)

SSE Career Services

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