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A Gift That Makes History

You are already a part of our history, and now we hope you will be a part of our future. The generous support from you, our alumni, makes it possible for us to provide the leaders of tomorrow with a world-class, science-based education, preparing them to meet tomorrow’s challenges with an open and critical mind.

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In light of the increased spread of COVID-19 in Stockholm, and the latest recommendations issued by the Swedish government, we have decided to move all education to online and distance learning channels as of Monday 23 November, replacing the hybrid solution we have previously adopted. We are committed to reducing the risk of contagion and shouldering the responsibility we all have as citizens.

Our Educational Mission Brings Us into the Future

When you support us, you join us on our mission to provide top-quality education and research that benefits all of society. We believe that a successful decision maker of the future will approach the world with curiosity and confidence and who, as the philosopher Ingemar Hedenius said “is free and alive in relation to the unknown.” A successful decision maker in the future will maximize the potential of being human. Hence, SSE has formulated its overarching educational aims through the acronym FREE. It stands for: Fact and Science Based Mindset, Reflective and Self Aware, Empathetic and Culturally Literate, Entrepreneurial and Responsible. Join us in ensuring that the next generation of leaders are ‘FREE.’

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