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Rally for SSE

Thank you for participating in Rally for SSE!

WE RAISED 1.109.360 SEK!

Wow! You helped us reach our goal! Thank you so much for your support.
Rally for SSE has ended, if you would still like to show your support, please do so!

Digital education inside and outside of the classroom

We are committed to preparing students for careers in today’s digitally focused environment and we seek new ways to integrate cutting-edge technology and resources in the classroom to improve pedagogical development.

We believe that every part of the digitization process in higher education must aim to strengthen the personal meeting between teachers and students and to continue to be a leader in our field, we need to improve digital learning tools across disciplines at the school.

With your support, we will:

Build a flagship classroom

We will create a lecture space where new digital options can be tested for additional classrooms. This room will have enhanced video and voice recording equipment, the latest writing boards enabling interactive, multi-media presentations, and technology that facilitates seamless equipment changes between presenters and their computing systems. Connections for participants calling in from outside locations will also be improved.

Enhance interaction

Innovative digital tools such as clickers can benefit teachers and students alike. Course instructors can provide new opportunities for students to participate in classes and then review input to determine students' understanding. Thus faculty can customize course materials for classes and provide individualized student guidance. The use of these tools and others can strengthen faculty-student interaction and improve overall teaching and learning experiences.

Increase digital education opportunities

Digital enhancement within the curriculum is being implemented in many business schools. This can be seen in our courses today, through student collaborations across borders, as well as in the manner that faculty teach their classes. Many professors are pre-recording lectures for students, or sending digital materials for preparation ahead of time, so they can devote time to group-work and in-depth subject instruction during the course meetings. We can strengthen the education we provide with additional resources and increased digital material.


What is Rally for SSE?

Support Digitalization