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Art Initiative

Stimulating reflection, self-awareness, and cultural literacy.

SSE Art Initiative generates art exhibitions, art talks and symposiums for students, researchers and the public. Through the arts and humanities, new perspectives become a part of the SSE experience, offering opportunities for reflection and self-awareness. The goal is to advance cultural literacy and develop new knowledge, and also to encourage empathy among future leaders.

SSE Art Initiative actively imbeds art in the SSE academic environment to make it more knowledge-intensive, through screenings of video-based art, photography and installations by contemporary artists. The symposiums contextualize and elaborate on topics conveyed by our art exhibitions. SSE Art Initiative is supported by several alumni, friends and the Jonas & Christina af Jochnick Foundation. 

Last year, SSE Art Initiative activities included:

  • Video Screenings: Regular screenings of video art in the School’s Atrium, such as Roman Signer’s Action Sculptures, Mats Hjelm’s The Healer and Ann Lislegaard’s Pollen messages and Malstrømmen.

  • Research Colloquia: Presentations by Swedish and international scholars, such as Lars Östman (SSE), Otto Scharmer (MIT) and Helena Rosenblatt (CUNY) on interdisciplinary topics, open to the SSE community and the public.

  • Permanent Collection: Several new artworks were added to SSE’s Permanent Collection, including three artworks by Åsa Norberg and Jennie Sundén in one of the newly renovated classrooms. These artworks were donated by Veronica and Lars Bane.

  • Art Talks: A series of seminars organized by the Art Division, a branch of the Student Association, featured artists such as Michael Johansson, Katja Larsson and Jens Fänge.
  • SSE Literary Agenda: Students completed the first year of this reading program, in which they participated in author talks, small group discussions, and reflected on seven works of contemporary fiction. 
  • Exhibitions: The Bonnier Staircases opened in September through a unique collaboration between SSE, Bonniers Konsthall and the Maria Bonnier Dahlin Foundation. The two main staircases flanking the entrance to SSE's main building were filled 

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