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Susanna Verständig

Head of Program Committee

What is your best memory from your time at SSE?

– My best memories are the two times I helped arrange and organize the Summer Party in the courtyard (then without the glass roof). Lots of work but great fun, together with friends, make for a proper way to end the academic year for everyone else at the school.


What is your reason for being on the Board?

– I am on the Board because during my time at SSE, the Student Union and its activities were the place to get to know, and learn from, people from different class years than your own. Being on the Board offers the opportunity to participate in and create activities where alumni can reunite and learn from alumni from other years.


What are you doing now and what have you done since your time at SSE?

– After SSE, I worked with corporate transactions at PwC for a couple of years. Since autumn 2013, I have been an investment analyst at Industrivärden.


Why should one join the SSE Alumni Club?

– First and foremost, membership in the SSE Alumni Club enables you to come back to SSE from time to time to meet both former fellow students and other alumni. In addition, through interesting lectures and other alumni, you can continue learning and perhaps gain some new and useful knowledge.


What was the most important thing you learned during your time at SSE?

– If you do things that are fun and exciting, the end result will often be very good.


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