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Rebecca Lucander


Rebecca Lucander is People and Culture Consultant at Scandinavian Airlines. She enrolled at SSE in 2005. Following graduation, she started and ran the AllBright foundation, which works to increase the proportion of female executives in business. She left the CEO post in 2013 but continues to work for diversity in business by staying on the board of the foundation.

The idea of going to SSE began when she was four years old, after her aunt came home and told her about the school.

“Since then it has been a goal for me to go to SSE. There was something magical about SSE, but I didn’t know much more than that I would have a briefcase and suit. Today, I have neither – but I’m extremely pleased that I followed my gut instinct and listened to my inner child."

During her time at the school, she was highly active in the Student Union, and her other roles included the “Stormamma” leadership role, Chairman of the Social Committee and responsibility for the Student Union’s participation in the school’s 100th anniversary.

During my time in the Student Union, I was the most impressed with all the amazing people I had the honor of working with as a leader and otherwise. No task was too difficult and no goal insurmountable. Even when we were going to start getting sponsorship for the 100th anniversary in early 2008, the challenge was not too big for our team. I can miss that part of daily life. The SSE students’ ability to think and act quickly, to solve problems independently, and the endless drive.” 

Rebecca was elected to the SSE Alumni Club in 2013 and her focus area has been external communication, including being responsible for developing the new website.

Why did you want to be on the Board of the SSE Alumni Club?

“For me, it’s about community. An opportunity to continue to be part of all the fun that I experienced as a student at SSE, but without the anxiety of exams, student loans or having to clean the pub. The SSE Alumni Club is like an extension of the Student Union. It gives me the opportunity to enjoy exciting lectures but also to meet new people and old acquaintances from the SSE days."

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