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Martin Carlsson-Wall

Head of Coordination Committee

Martin Carlsson-Wall is a researcher and teacher at the Departments of Accounting and Finance. His research is on the role of financial management in innovation processes, but also pertains to the role of financial management in growth companies and professional sports.


What is your best memory from SSE?

– The first day. The welcome by the Board of the Student Union at Stora Trappen, the anticipation in Aulan, and the enormous turnout at activities and parties, as well as a little anxiety about having to study math. I remember very clearly that it was a very nice August day. The sun was shining and just before I walked in, I saw a guy using a street window at Friskis and Svettis as a mirror to fix his hair. The same person got his registration number right before me. We became good friends and are still today. Overall, I like the energy, the positive spirit and the “nothing-is-impossible-attitude” of SSE.


What is your role on the SSE Alumni Club Board?

– On the Board of the SSE Alumni Club, I am responsible for coordination with the school. I have worked with the school’s alumni issues in Sweden and abroad, so it is fun to work on alumni issues within the framework of the SSE Alumni Club. Over the next few years, the school’s management has determined that alumni issues should be one of the most important development areas for SSE, and I look forward to building on the already strong operations that exist.

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