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Anna Stenberg

Board Member

What is your best memory from your time at SSE?
All the fantastic parties and antics that livened up the exam periods and late nights studying. I have strong, fond memories of the euphoric feeling every time a course was completed and it was time to celebrate. Why is your reason for being on the Board of the SSE Alumni Club? To give something back to SSE, which has given me so much over the years both in terms of knowledge as well as socially. I want to contribute with my network and contacts to increase the quality of the initiatives and activities organized by the SSE Alumni Club. I also look forward to strengthening the communication to a wider audience, so the SSE Alumni Club can reach more networking arenas among former SSE students.

What are you doing now and what have you done since your time at SSE?
After my time at SSE, I went to Stenbecksgruppen and became part of the LUMA management trainee program at MTG. Then I had eight fun and exciting years in the group, where my positions included Operations Manager for MTG Radio for four years, and CEO of MTG Radio in the Baltic States. When I became HR Director at MTG, I realized that there was no management recruitment company in the market that effectively highlighted female talent and leaders in the recruiting processes, so I started WES (Women Executive Search) three years ago. WES is an inclusive headhunting company that ensures the best female candidates are included in each recruitment assignment in order to give the business sector better access to 100 percent of the skills the market has to offer. WES recruits to both management and board positions and currently has recruitment teams in Sweden, UK, Germany and Norway.

Why should one join the SSE Alumni Club?
The great thing about the SSE Alumni Club is the exciting network that is built between generations, graduating classes, nations and industries. SSE Alumni Club’s members are represented throughout the entire business and organizational world, and it creates possibilities for business opportunities as well as mentorship, sources of inspiration and exciting contacts.

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