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Mentoring Skills Development Session: Digitalization and competence gaps

As digitalization becomes increasingly pervasive in our everyday work, we are all required to engage in digital innovation and acquire new skills to avoid disruption. Rapid technological advancement also means that we are facing a very real digital competence gap, both horizontally and vertically.

Against this background, we invite you to attend the upcoming Mentoring Skills Development Session titled “Digitalization and competence gaps” featuring Frida PemerSSE Docent and Associate Professor at the Department of Management and Organization and House of InnovationThe session will touch upon Frida’s research on how digitalization can lead to competence gaps and how to handle them.

Discussions we will focus on: 

  • What are digital competence gaps and how do they affect the way we work and collaborate? 
  • How do we integrate new digital expertise and bridge the competence gaps both horizontally and vertically?   
  • How can we best facilitate skills exchange among diverse stakeholders, e.g. between mentors and students? 

Kindly note that this is an exclusive event, open only to the participating mentors of the SSE MSc Mentorship Program 2020. 

Alumni Digitalization Webinar

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