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Past Alumni Newsletters

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Hybrid futures, reshaping property markets and Career Management on LinkedIn (October 2021)

  • Webinar: House of Innovation's Digital Day
  • Alumni Webinar: Can Investors Save the World?
  • Webinar: Skandia Award 2021
  • Career Management on LinkedIn
  • Business Lab celebrates 20 years

Climate change, startup stories and SSE merch (September 2021)

  • Webinar: Misum Annual Forum
  • Finance Fall Recruitment
  • Shop SSE Merch
  • Art Initiative: The Flag Project
  • New episode of Startup Stories
  • SSE's MIB ranks top 10 in the world

Start your Fall with SSE news and events (August 2021)

  • Event invitation: Ekonomgolfen 
  • Event: Art Initiatve Colloquium
  • Alumni-Student Chats
  • 5 measures for reducing carbon emissions
  • Audiobooks are here to stay
  • Startup stories with Adeline Sterner

Enjoy summer reading from SSE! (July 2021)

  • Webinar: Money markets in a new era of central bank policies
  • Save the Date! SSE Alumni Golf Day
  • Recruit an MSc student
  • Four human conditions for a successful digital business
  • Read extracts from SSE President Lars Strannegård's book
  • Leave a legacy with SASSE

Summer news and events from SSE! (June 2021)

  • Webinar: Strategies to open up after the pandemic
  • Recruit an MSc student
  • SSE students won the Swedish championship in Business and Economics
  • Apply to become a Mentor!
  • Join the SSE Alumni Network for Health and Life Sciences
  • Past webinar video: The Evolution of Gaming

Mentorship, climate policy, art and spring celebrations (May 2021)

  • Mentor an SSE Master's Student
  • Spring Celebration for US alumni
  • Webinar: Sweden's Climate Policy Opportunities and Responsibilites
  • Webinar: Lars Strannegård talks about art (in Swedish)
  • SSE tops internationalization index
  • SSE Business Lab Startup Stories
  • Increasing donations from UK alumni
  • Past webinar video: Rock your LinkedIn profile

Alumni achievements, inner growth and building your brand online (April 2021)

  • Nominate for the 2021 Alumni of the Year Award
  • MindShift - a digital conference
  • Upcoming alumni webinar: Rock your LinkedIn profile
  • Is 2021 your reunion year?
  • New curriculum: SSE MBA Executive Format
  • Business Lab is looking for Corporate Partners
  • New research: Inequality in the pandemic
  • Past webinar video: Homecoming 2021
  • Past webinar video: Driving towards a carbon neutral future

Navigating 2021, CEO mental health and entrepreneurship (March 2021)

  • Homecoming 2021
  • Upcoming seminar: CEO Health and Corporate Governance
  • New research: Entrepreneurship in the space industry
  • Podcast: Over to Europe
  • SSE Professor joins the Academy
  • Student blog: What is student life like at SSE right now?
  • Past webinar video: The Future of Travel and Urban Mobility
  • Updated Alumni website

Looking forward towards a new year (January 2021)

  • Upcoming alumni webinar on How the Creative Industry Adapts to COVID-19
  • Upcoming alumni webinar on The Future of Travel and Urban Mobility
  • Upcoming webinar on Asset Pricing Models
  • New Alumni Network for Health
  • Vacancy: Chief Learning Officer at SSE
  • Annual Fund Campaign concludes
  • Past webinar video: How Retail Consumer Behaviors Shift During Crises such as COVID-19
  • Past webinar video: Alumni Webinar for Parents

Creative solutions for challenging times (October 2020)

  • Upcoming alumni webinar on Shifting Consumer Behavior in COVID-19
  • Upcoming webinar on Platform-Based Collaboration and Competition
  • Upcoming webinar on Stock Returns and Federal Reserve Communications
  • Upcoming event: MindShift Conference
  • Nobel Prize - What is Auction Theory?
  • SSE's Executive MBA number 60 in Financial Times ranking
  • New leadership for UKFSSE
  • Past webinar video: Pre-US Election webinar

We've got your September plans all lined up! (August 2020)

  • Deadline to apply to be a Mentor in the MSc Mentorship program fast approaching
  • Upcoming alumni webinar on the Digitalization of Expertise
  • Upcoming Ekonomgolfen - SSE Alumni Golf Tournament event
  • Upcoming alumni webinar on The Gastronomic Future with COVID-19

Summer reading and listening! (June 2020)

  • SSE ranked number 19 in the Financial Times Masters in Finance ranking
  • Upcoming webinar: Panel discussion on the future of short sales
  • Upcoming Ekonomgolfen - SSE Alumni Golf Tournament event
  • Sweden through the crisis: Ongoing report
  • Upcoming event: MindShift Conference
  • Past webinar videos: Realise your hidden potential with Dr. Mattias Axelson, Challenges and Opportunities in Retail and Online Businesses After COVID in partnership with the American Friends of SSE (AFSSE)
  • Alumni Björn Natthiko Lindeblad (Former Buddhist monk), Niklas Adalberth (Klarna founder), and Kjell A. Nordström (Author of 'Funky Business') held radio talks on 'Sommar i P1'

Join our June events! (May 2020)

  • Library Sessions: Jason Diakté (Timbuktu)
  • Upcoming webinar 'The future of retail and online businesses' in partnership with the American Friends of SSE 
  • Upcoming webinar 'The COVID-19 crises effects on venture capital/startups' presented by the Swedish House of Finance
  • Upcoming online event 'Alumni Quiz Night'
  • Past webinar video 'Strategic Reorientation: Looking beyond the crisis' presented by House of Innovation and SSE Executive Education
  • Past webinar video 'The Retail Industry Post Corona' presented by the Center for Retailing
  • Past webinar video 'SSE's Role During COVID-19' with President Lars Strannegård
  • Past webinar video from alum Rikard Damm 'Digital Transformation and Innovation'

Be inspired to jump out of the bubble! (May 2020)

  • SSE Executive Education #1 in the Financial Times Ranking - for the 20th consecutive year 
  • Video from alum Rikard Damm 'How can we help each other innovate during this time?
  • New research about how nudging can encourage good behaviour in populations during the pandemic 
  • MSc Mentorship program is accepting applications for Mentors
  • Report from the Global Challenges Day 2020
  • Opportunities to get involved with the SSE Business Lab

'Handels for future!' artwork (May 2020)

  • We regret to inform of the passing of artist Lars Arrhenius, whose HANDELS FOR FUTURE! artwork was to be released Spring 2020
  • Applications open for 2020-2021 MSc Mentorship Program
  • Upcoming webinar 'Household welfare: do we need big data?' hosted by The CEPR Network on Household Finance and Swedish House of Finance
  • Video of past webinar 'The Swedish exception: early lessons from Sweden's different approach to COVID-19 
  • Video from Dr. Lena Lid Falkman about being flexible while working from home, but without losing boundaries
  • New from SSE Executive Education: Sustainability Strategy & Innovation Program

Business unusual – how to move forward? (April 2020)

  • Upcoming webinar on financial implications of COVID-19
  • Video from Dr Lena Lid Falkman about working from home
  • Video from Nationalekonomiska Föreningen's webinar about the economic consequences of the coronavirus
  • SSE Researcher piece: Decision making in times of crisis
  • In other news: Cevian Capital establishes Chair in Finance, New double degree program with St. Gallen, New Executive Director at Center for Sustainable Markets

Alumni making a mark in 2020! (January 2020)

  • SSE Alumni have the highest salaries, according to report
  • New graduates to receive important survey
  • Recap on Swedish House of Finance event 'Women in Finance'
  • Alumni recently in the news: Johan Renck, Mathilde Dedye, Tobias Nielsén

Time for awards, and maybe to be awarded! (December 2019)

  • Call for nominations for the Alumni of the Year Award 2020
  • Call for appliations to the SSE Business Lab Incubator Program
  • The Corporate Partners' Research Award, SSE Pedagogical Award and the SSE MBA Corporate Partners scholarship awards handed out
  • Executive MBA Program climbs Financial Times global ranking

SSE ranks 13 in the world according to Financial Times! (November 2019)

  • Call for names of alumni who are role models, overcame the unexpected, or dared to try something new after their studies at SSE
  • SSE ranks 13 in the world for Master in Management program
  • Upcoming Women in Finance event

Apparel, reunions and lectures: our Autumn line-up! (September 2019)

  • SSE-branded clothing available to order
  • Alumni blog:  SSE alumni celebrate 50 year anniversary of study tour to the Soviet Union
  • SSE Alumni Club (fd Kamratföreningen) hands over its activities to Alumni Office
  • Bachelor in Business and Economics to be offered in English as of September 2020
  • News and Updates: We have launched the SSE Careers Hub

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