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2022 to 2023


Balkan, Binnur
The Effects of Shocks on Prices and Health: Evidence from Tax Hikes, Refugee Waves,  and School Shootings
Catalog Cover Fulltext Spikblad

Bustos, Emil
Essays on Firms’ Hiring, Investment and Risk Management Decisions
Catalog Cover Fulltext Spikblad

Engist, Oliver
Microeconometric Applications in Corporate Finance and Sports
Catalog Cover Fulltext Spikblad

Mandl, Benjamin
Cues, beliefs, and memory
Catalog Cover Fulltext Spikblad

Merkus, Erik Sebastiaan
The Environment, Education, and Media: Essays in Applied Microeconomics
Catalog Cover Introduction Spikblad

Sabockis, Dagne
Competition and Green Public Procurement in EU Law – a study under Directive 2014/24/EU
Catalog Cover Introduction Spikblad

Schafmeister, Felix
Causal Inference: Applications in Education, Violence, and the Scientific Process
Catalog Cover Introduction Spikblad

Semb, Joakim
Puzzles in Social Dilemmas: Social Preferences, Norms, and Magical Thinking
Catalog Cover Fulltext Spikblad

Skog, Albin
How Fields Change: Transposition, Organizational Habitus, and Inter-Field Distance
Catalog Cover Fulltext Spikblad

Sugandi, Hendro Maulana
Essays in Asset Pricing: Investors' Expectations and the Effect of News on Stock Pricing
Catalog Cover Introduction Spikblad

Talborn, Henrik
Semantic Regression in Finance
Catalog Cover Fulltext Spikblad

Åbonde Garke, Adam
Online News Behavior
Catalog Cover Summary Spikblad