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Doctoral dissertations in full text

2014 to 2015


Bernergård, Axel
Best replying, to yourself and others

Bird, Miriam
The Impact of the Family on Entrepreneurial Outcomes : The Role of Social Embeddedness
Catalog Cover Spikblad Fulltext

Brattström, Anna
Trust in a Product Development Context : Drivers, Dynamics and Consequences
Catalog Fulltext Cover  Spikblad

Breckenfelder, Johannes
Empirical Essays in Financial Economics

de Rezende, Rafael B.
Essays on Macro-Financial Linkages
Catalog Fulltext Spikblad Cover

Elger, Paul
Essays on taxes and consumption
Catalog Spikblad Cover

Faragó, Ádám
Essays on Disappointment Aversion in Portfolio Choice and Asset Pricing

Hagbjer, Eva
Navigating a Network of Competing Demands : Accountability as Issue Formulation and Role Attribution across Organisational Boundaries
Catalog Fulltext

Hartwig, Markus
Interest Alignment, Delegation of Authority and Economic Rent : A Collection of Empirical Papers
Catalog Spikblad Cover

Hederos Eriksson, Karin
Essays on Inequality, Gender and Family Background
Catalog Kappa

Junker, Sven-Olof
Att skapa gemenskap : hur beslut fattas i en EU-myndighet
Catalog Fulltext Cover Spikblad

Lazarczyk Carlson, Ewa
Essays on Electricity Markets : Information and Trading

Löfgren, Angelika
International Network Competitiveness : Technical and Foreign Market Knowledge Development in International SME Networks

Mengistu, Andualem
Empirical essays on the monetary markets of developing countries

Nilsson, Andreas
Financing of Nonprofits and Social Enterprises
Catalog Cover Spikblad Fulltext

Rosenström, Martin
Att skapa en marknad : marknad och politisk styrning i symbios?
Catalog Fulltext Spikblad

Sandberg, Anna
Empirical studies on sources of inequality
Catalog Kappa Spikblad Cover

Schnitzler, Jan
Empirical Essays in Finance
Catalog Summary Spikblad Cover

Svahn, Mattias
Persuasive Pervasive Games : the Case of Impacting Energy Consumption
Catalog Fulltext Spikblad Cover

Vardardottir, Arna
Family and Friends : Essays on Applied Microeconometrics
Catalog Introduction Cover Spikblad

Yildirim, Mustafa
Incentives in Contests


Berg, Hanna
Faces of Marketing : Examining Consumer Responses to Depictions of People in Marketing
Catalog Cover Fulltext Spikblad

Christner, Carl Henning
The Valuable Organisation : A study of how activities are calculated, controlled and made valuable
Catalog Cover Fulltext Spikblad

Di Casola, Paola
Essays in Macroeconomics and Institutional Economics
Catalog Cover Fulltext Spikblad

Khapko, Mariana
Essays in Financial Economics
Catalog Cover Fulltext Spikblad

Koptyug, Nikita
Essays on Consumers, Risk and Rationality
Catalog Cover Kappa Spikblad

Luistro Jonsson, Marijane
Cooperating for Sustainability : Experiments on Uncertainty, Conditional Cooperation and Inequality
Catalog Cover Part I Spikblad

Milonas, Kristoffer
Essays in Empirical Finance
Catalog Cover Fulltext Spikblad

Morgulis-Yakushev, Sergey
Exploring Fit : Essays on the Role of Organizational Cultural Fit for Knowledge Transfer
Catalog Cover Fulltext Spikblad

Nilsson Altafi, Sofia
Evaluations as Mirrors and Co-constructors : An Empirical Investigation of a Microfinance Rating Agency and its Rating Practices from 1999–2014
Catalog Cover Fulltext Spikblad

Shir, Nadav
Entrepreneurial Well-Being : The Payoff Structure of Business Creation
Catalog Cover Fulltext Spikblad

Sichlimiris, Spyridon
Public Debt, Business Cycles and Institutions
Catalog Cover Fulltext Spikblad

Wehrmüller, Simon
Credit, Labor and the Great Recession
Catalog Cover Fulltext Spikblad