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Doctoral dissertations in full text

2012 to 2013


Bernard, Mark
Conflict, Cooperation and Coordination : Essays in Game Theory and Experimental Economics
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Colliander, Jonas
Socially acceptable? : exploring consumer responses to marketing in social media
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Einarsson, Stefan
Ideology Being Governed : Strategy Formation in Civil Society
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Einarsson, Torbjörn
Membership and Organizational Governance
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Formai, Sara
Heterogeneous firms, international trade and institutions
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Hedberg, Per Henrik
Interpersonal society : essays on shared beliefs, trust, mnemonic oppression, distributive fairness, and value creation
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Laskowski, David A. A. von
How changes in managers’ sensemaking influence a strategic change : strategizing in a private equity context (How changes in managers’ sensemaking influences a strategic change : strategizing in a private equity context)
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Laun, Tobias
Essays on Macroeconomics and Health
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Modig, Erik
Understanding advertising creativity : how perceptions of creativity influence advertising effectiveness
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Nachemson-Ekwall, Sophie
An institutional analysis of cross-border hostile takeovers : shareholder value, short-termism and regulatory arbitrage on the Swedish stock market during the sixth takeover wave
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Näslund, Lovisa
The leap of faith : creating trust on professional service markets
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Ninjbat, Uuganbaatar
Essays on Mathematical Economics
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Protsiv, Sergiy
Attraction and repulsion : modelling interfirm interactions in geographical space
Catalog Spikblad Summary Cover Erratum

Romahn, André
Beers and Bonds : Essays in Structural Empirical Economics
Catalog Spikblad Fulltext Cover

Yildiz, H. Emre
Calibrating integration : studies on status, culture, knowledge and cooperation in acquisitions
Catalog Introduction Spikblad Cover


Augustin, Patrick
Essays on sovereign credit risk and credit default swap spreads
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Boustanifar, Hamid
Essays in financial economics
Catalog Summary Spikblad Cover

Jakobsson, Amanda
Essays on international trade and intellectual property rights
Catalog Introduction Spikblad Cover

Källberg, Niklas
Förändringsprocesser i sjukvården : en studie av aktörer på en röntgenavdelning och deras agerande
Catalog Fulltext

Lindensjö, Kristoffer
Essays in financial mathematics
Catalog Introduction Spikblad Cover

Mäkinen, Taneli
Information and markets

Mattana, Elena
Families, credit and banks
Catalog Introduction Spikblad Cover

Ohl, Björn
Essays on endogenous information in macroeconomics and finance

Rademaker, Claudia A.
Green Media : Exploring Green Media Selection and its Impact on Communication Effectiveness
Catalog Spikblad Fulltext Cover

Rydland, Christoffer
Aspects of Cooperation and Corporate Governance in the Swedish Regional Newspaper Industry
Catalog Fulltext Spikblad Cover

Schumann, Abel
Essays in applied microeconometrics using spatial data

Vesperoni, Alberto
Essays on the economics of conflict

Wolff, Claudia Anna
Education, development and labor markets