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Doctoral dissertations in full text

2010 to 2011


Alexandersson, Gunnar
The accidental deregulation : essays on reforms in the Swedish bus and railway industries 1979-2009
Catalog Spikblad Cover Fulltext

Bohman, Claes
Attraction : a new driver of learning and innovation
Catalog Fulltext Spikblad

Ejenäs, Markus
Ledning av kunskapsintegration - förutsättningar och hinder : en studie av en fusion mellan IT- och managementkonsulter
Catalog Cover Fulltext Spikblad

Engvall, Anders
Poverty and conflict in Southeast Asia
Catalog Cover Fulltext Spikblad

Glassér, Charlotte
The fountainhead of innovation health : a conceptualization & investigation
Catalog Fulltext Cover

Hemrit, Maetinee
Beyond the bamboo network : the internationalization process of Thai family business groups
Catalog Fulltext Spikblad Cover

Juks, Reimo
Corporate governance and the firm's behaviour towards stakeholders
Catalog Fulltext Cover Spikblad

Lundvall, Henrik
Poverty and the dynamics of equilibrium unemployment : essays on the economics of job search, skills, and savings
Catalog Fulltext

Lychnell, Lars-Olof
IT-relaterad verksamhetsförändring : processer som formar växelspelet mellan utveckling och användning
Catalog Fulltext Spikblad

Magnusson Bernard, Kristin
Remittances, regions and risk sharing
Catalog Cover Fulltext

Mohlin, Erik
Essays on belief formation and pro-sociality
Catalog Fulltext Spikblad

Nakatani, Tomoaki
Four Essays on Building Conditional Correlation GARCH Models.
Catalog Fulltext Spikblad

Nelson, Maria
Utflyttning av aktiebolag : en analys i ljuset av den internationella skatterätten och EU-rätten

Siming, Linus
Private equity and advisors in mergers and acquisitions
Catalog Fulltext Spikblad

Sjöquist Rafiqui, Pernilla
Evolving economic landscapes : institutions and localized economies in time and space
Catalog Fulltext

Strid, Ingvar
Computational methods for Bayesian inference in macroeconomic models
Catalog Fulltext Cover Spikblad

Sunesson, T. Daniel
School networks and active investors
Catalog Fulltext Cover

Tolstoy, Daniel
International entrepreneurship in networks : the impact of network knowledge combination on SMEs’ business creation in foreign markets
Catalog Cover Fulltext Spikblad

Öhman, Niclas
Considering intentions 
Catalog Fulltext


Bång, Joakim
Essays in empirical corporate finance
Catalog Fulltext Cover Spikblad

Bjerhammar, Lena
Produktutvecklingssamarbete mellan detaljhandelsföretag och deras varuleverantörer
Catalog Cover Spikblad Fulltext

Bottero, Margherita
Slave trades, credit records and strategic reasoning : four essays in microeconomics
Catalog Cover Spikblad Fulltext

Buturak, Gökhan
Choice deferral, status quo bias, and matching
Catalog Cover Fulltext Spikblad

Carlsson-Wall, Martin
Targeting target costing : cost management and inter-organizational product development of multi-technology products
Catalog Fulltext Cover Spikblad

Freier, Ronny
Incumbency, divided government, partisan politics and council size : Essays in local political economics
Catalog Spikblad Fulltext

Fries, Liv
Att organisera tjänstesektorns röst : en teori om hur organisationer formar aktörer
Catalog Cover Fulltext Spikblad

Kaisajuntti, Linus
Multidimensional Markov-Functional and Stochastic Volatiliy Interest Rate Modelling
Catalog Cover Spikblad Fulltext

Khachatryan, Karen
Biased beliefs and heterogeneous preferences : essays in behavioral economics
Catalog Fulltext

Lundmark, Martin
Transatlantic defence industry integration : discourse and action in the organizational field of the defence market
Catalog Cover Spikblad Fulltext

Migueles Chazarreta, Damián
The implications of trade and offshoring for growth and wages
Catalog Cover Fulltext Spikblad

Monsenego, Jérôme
Taxation of foreign business income within the European internal market : an analysis of the conflict between the objective of achievement of the European internal market and...
Catalog Cover Spikblad Fulltext

Ranehill, Eva
Essays on gender, competition and status
Catalog Spikblad Cover Fulltext

Runsten, Philip
Kollektiv förmåga : en avhandling om grupper och kunskapsintegration
Catalog Cover Spikblad Fulltext

Setterberg, Hanna
The pricing of earnings : essays on the post-earnings announcement drift and earnings quality risk
Catalog Cover Spikblad Fulltext

Söderblom, Anna
Private equity fund investing : investment strategies, entry order and performance
Catalog Spikblad Fulltext Cover

Stepanok, Ignat
Essays on international trade and foreign direct investment
Catalog Cover Spikblad Fulltext

Wallace, Björn
Genes, History and Economics
Catalog Cover Spikblad Fulltext

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