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In Focus - Passport, A Database for Insight on Industries, Economies and Consumers

Find detailed statistics as well as analyses on a wide range of topics.

Passport is a database delivered by global business analyst company Euromonitor International. It offers reports on countries, companies, markets and consumers worldwide and covers over 210 markets and 207 countries. 

Passport lets you find macro-economic statistics and demograhics, as well as data on consumers, brands and trends with analyses and comments.

The database also contains swot analyses, company information and forecasts. Passport, in particular, delivers a lot of data and reports on online consumer trends.

Some of the main data you can find in Passport is:

  • Retail Market Sizes - Retail sales of a wide range of consumer product sectors, providing a detailed breakdown of what the population of a country spends it's money on.

  • Consumer Lifestyles - Full-text country reports with detailed lifestyle factors such as eating, shopping, family, travel, work, leisure and shopping habits in each country.

  • Brands and Companies - The top brands globally along with profiles of the companies that own them.

  • Cities Reports - offers economic profiles and analyses for the world's major metropolitan areas.

  • Country Data - A statistical database of economic, demographic and marketing parameters for over 200 countries.

A new feature in Passport is Megatrends, with in-depth analyses on the most influential consumer megatrends today and in the future.

Another new function is the "Brexit Scenario Tool". This lets you explore the implications of Brexit and the impact on economies, industries and consumers. 

SSE student and staff have access to Passport from anywhere using their network login. Read more about remote access.

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