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FAQ for teachers

How do your students get the literature they need when they can’t access the library premises and the printed books?

Journal articles

The library has agreements with most of the big academic publishers and some aggregators, so most if not all articles in the reading lists should be available through the library. You can either provide the references and ask your students to download the articles from the library catalogue, or provide direct links to the articles. When providing direct links, use the "Permalink" you'll find in connection to all articles in the catalogue.

It is not allowed to distribute a full text article found in the library catalogue on the course web, or by emailing them to students.  


The library provides a wide range of electronic books through various channels. The rules and regulations on how you can access and what you can do with the content can differ and depends on the provider. Most titles can be used by an unlimited number of users at the same time. It is usually possible to read books both online and offline. Parts of books can be printed and/or downloaded.

At the moment most course books are not available in electronic form through the library. Some are available in electronic form for private purchase and individual use, but not for multiple use. Also, the books are often only available through extensive textbook collections, and not for individual purchase. 

All e-books SSE has access to are found in the library catalogue MerQuery. To filter them out, apply the filters “Available Online” and “Books”.

Our most extensive e-book collections are:

Ebook Central

Ebook central provides full-text e-books and covers all subjects in Business and Economics and a wide range of publishers. It also provides tools to find, use, and manage the information. (Good for general searches within a subject area.)

Oxford Scholarship Online

Electronic books in Development, Growth, and Environmental, Econometrics, Economic History, Economic Systems, Financial Economics, History of Economic Thought, International economics, Macro- and Monetary Economics, Microeconomics, Public and Welfare, South and East Asia. (Good for general searches within a subject area.)

Sage Research Methods

This database is a great substitute for method books. Sage Research Methods is a cross-disciplinary research methods tool. It provides full-text access to more than 1,000 social sciences-related books, reference works and journal articles published by SAGE. 


E-books within Economics (also handbooks), Econometrics and Finance. (Good for general searches within a subject area.)


E-Books within Business, Management, Economics and Finance, from both Springer and Palgrave. Also includes a growing number of open access titles in our subject areas.

A full list if e-book databases can be found here.

Agreements with individual publishers

The publishing houses sometimes offer permission grant to use selected parts of a textbook. If you are interested in that kind of arrangement, please contact us. We can act as an intermediary between the department and the publisher.

Bonus Copyright Access

Should you not find the material in the library resources, it is possible to use the Bonus Copyright Access agreement. The BCA agreement enables the possibility to copy and share copyright protected material for teaching. You can copy/share a maximum of 15 A4 pages or 15% of the total number of pages in a book.

The Bonus Copyright Access agreement should be used only for books and articles that are not already provided by SSE Library by an existing and more generous agreement. In those cases, it could be allowed to copy and distribute a larger part of the content.

More information about the reproduction regulations:



Suggest a book for acquisition

SSE Library welcomes suggestions for the acquisition of materials which support the teaching and research at SSE. For the time being we will choose electronic versions of books if possible, to increase accessibility.

Send your suggestion to library@hhs.se.


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