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Result of the naming competition for the new library system

The SSE Library wishes to congratulate the winner of our library system naming competition, Gabriel Grundin!

Gabriel is handed the prize by Library Manager Miriam Nauri

Our winner, Gabriel Grundin, proposed the name “Hermes” with the motivation “Hermes was the messenger of the ancient Greek gods, and regarded as a protector of, among other things, trade. Also, his helmet and staff are already part of the SSE:s emblem”.

Unfortunately, the suggested name was so good it’s already in use in association with other functions at the SSE, which prevents us from using it as it is. However, the name suggestion has been a huge inspiration as the library has decided on a name – MerQuery. In Roman mythology, Hermes is known as Mercury, where the part cury, is pronounced a bit like query – which, as it happens, is what you - the users - of the new system will be posing as you search for information. Hence, MerQuery.

A big “Thank you!” to everyone who participated!

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