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Andreas Born - Promises, Signals, and the Selection of Leaders

In this dissertation the author presents four articles that shed light on novel questions in behavioral economics.

"Election Promises" studies seller-competition when sellers cannot commit to the service-quality they offer.

"Self-promoted Altruism: Looking Bad by Doing Good?" investigates whether the need to actively self-promote one's prosocialness for others to become aware of it has an adverse effect on prosocial behavior.

"An Experimental Investigation of Election Promises" analyzes the effect of election promises on electoral behavior in a laboratory experiment.

"A man's world? - The impact of a male dominated environment on female leadership" explores whether male dominated environments, in themselves, adversely affect women's willingness to lead.

Andreas Born is a researcher at the Department of Economics with a curiosity for topics in behavioral economics and industrial organization. He works with experiments, game theory, econometrics, and machine learning.

Andreas Born - Promises, Signals, and the Selection of Leaders

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