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Eleonora Freddi - Strategic Ignorance and Social Institutions

''This doctoral thesis in Economics consists of three self-contained chapters in strategic behavior and social institutions.

Do People Avoid Morally Relevant Information? Evidence from the Refugee Crisis examines whether people avoid information in an attempt to reduce the moral pressure to engage in prosocial behavior.

Saving and Bequest in China: An Analysis of Intergenerational Exchange theoretically and empirically investigates the intergenerational strategic exchange of bequest and assistance in China.

What Did States Do? An Analysis of Historical Public Expenditures analyzes the structure and purpose of public spending in the European countries during the 19th century.''

Eleonora Freddi holds a B.Sc. in International Management and Economics and a M.Sc. in Economics from Bocconi University. Her main research fields are Applied Econometrics, Behavioral Economics and Institutional Economics.

Eleonora Freddi 

Strategic Ignorance and Social Institutions

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