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Arieda Muço - On Anti-Corruption Tools in Developing Countries

''This consist of three self-contained papers each tackling a different question in the anti-corruption literature.

The first paper included in this thesis asks whether providing information about the corruption level of a local politician effects, across different dimensions, the support of the political party the politician is associated with. I show that several electoral spillovers emerge. First, I document cross-electoral spillovers, which I define as spillovers from local elections to national elections, such as presidential elections. Second, I document cross-border spillovers, which I define as spillovers from a politician to a local government in a neighboring area, not only in local elections but also presidential elections.In the second paper, I move to another important question in the anti-corruption literature: ”How do we motivate whistleblowers?”. Encouraging individuals to report wrongdoing (”or blow the whistle”), and protecting them when they do, is an important part of the anti-corruption fight in both the public and private organizations. I credibly show that when provided with plausible deniability, whistleblowers are more likely to report wrongdoing.

In the last chapter, I propose a novel methodology to measure corruption using text analysis tools and unsupervised learning techniques to reduce the dimensionality of the data. I test the performance of my procedure with hand-coded measures already available in the literature for a subset of my data. The corruption index is highly correlated with the hand-coded measures but it has several advantages over hand-coded measures: i) it does not rely on subjective decision-making, ii) it’s replicable, and iii) cost-effective.''

Arieda Muço received a MPhil in Economics and an MSc in Economics and Business from University of Rome Tor Vergata. During her Ph.D., Arieda was also a visiting student at the Center for Monetary and Financial Studies in Madrid.

Arieda Muço 

On Anti-Corruption Tools in Developing Countries

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